About Celebrate Recovery

What Is Celebrate Recovery?


Celebrate Recovery (CR) is a recovery program aimed at all "hurts, habits, and hang-ups", including but not exclusive to: high anxiety; co-dependency; compulsive behaviors; financial dysfunction; drug and alcohol addictions; divorce; grief; and eating disorders.

CR is used to encourage fellowship and to celebrate God's healing power in our lives as we work through recovery.

What Happens At A Celebrate Recovery Large/Small Group on Friday?



Supper is served at 5:45 p.m. with a free will offering. 

Large Group starts at 6:03 p.m. with live music. We then go through a lesson, a testimony or an ask it basket session. 

When Large Group in finished, small groups begin. The men and women are separated to further dive into the lesson presented during Large Group. 

After small groups ends, we have fellowship

Who is welcome to come?


Everyone is welcome at Celebrate Recovery. 

 There is no formal Childcare for Large Group. However, please bring coloring books, tablets, toys, etc for your children to play with and they can be supervised in the Large Group room until Small Groups are finished. 

What is a hurt, habit, or hang up?



A hurt, habit, or hang-up is something that hinders our walk with God. The feeling of being hurt is an emotional reaction to another person’s behavior or to a disturbing situation. 

(abuse, abandonment, codependency, divorce, relationship issue, etc.)

A habit is an addiction to someone or something.  

(alcoholism, drugs, food, cutting, workaholic, gambling, sex, shopping, smoking, etc.)

Hang-ups are negative mental attitudes that are used to cope with people or adversity.  

(anger, depression, fear, control, unforgiveness, pride, legalism, etc.)

What Happens At A Celebrate Recovery Large Group on Sunday?


We meet at Ministry on the Margins in the commons area every Sunday. Large Group starts at 12:00 p.m. with lunch being served at the same time.

We heard you have a live band, is this true?


Yes on Friday night, our band is a group of very dedicated and talented people. We even moved our band outside, one time, during the summer.

Fun Events


We plan Fun things to do with each other that we normally wouldn't do.  This helps us reach out to the community and strengthen our bonds with each other.  We have grill outs, game night, movie night, etc.



We provide a meal before each of our Large Group meetings. We have a rotating menu but we are open for suggestions.  We have a group of volunteers that help cook and serve.

Look for us in our shirts


If you do come join us, look for our greeters in a Celebrate Recovery shirt.  They can help you find your way to the Great Hall or answer any questions you have.